A foodie Sunday

Sometimes a Sunday is just about being in the kitchen, and yesterday I did just that. I cooked my men a lovely roast chicken with home-made gravy. The only problem is that my two older boys want a leg, and so does my husband. I’m sure it won’t be long until my littlest man wants one too, so I just need to find myself a four legged chicken! When that had been polished off I then set to work on a birthday cake for my Mother-in-law.ChickenGravy

My sister-in-law had invited us round to hers as she was going to do a birthday tea for her Mum (my Mother-in-law)s birthday. So I offered to make a cake. I had to make it chocolate because Ryan’s chocolate problem is inherited from his Mum. I filled it with chocolate ganache, and covered the base with chocolate fingers. The top I covered in pink butter cream icing. I also made some cupcakes filled with chocolate ganache, as well as some tiny bite sized cupcakes. I topped the big cake with a paper butterfly decoration. She loved it, and so did everyone else, and thats what its all about.Lynne cake 3Lynne cake 4Lynne cupcakesLynne cake 5Lynne cake 6


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