Out and about

We’re not going to be put off by this British weather. We put on our wellys, grabbed our sunglasses and headed off to a beautiful place called Heavens Gate. Fin and Reece took their bikes, while Alex rode in his pushchair taking it all in. It was so muddy, the boys had mud splattered all up their backs from their bikes. We walked through the woods which was cool and a little misty, it smelled lovely. We finally emerged to find a beautiful view over Longleat House and grounds. We all sat for a while, the boys crunching noisily on some apples I’d packed for them. As we stared off again the rain started to fall, we went back into the woods where the canopy of trees kept most of the rain off. We got some fresh air, saw a little bit of the wildlife, and Reece got stuck in the biggest muddy puddle I’ve ever seen. Right up to the top of his boots!WoodsHeavens GateMuddy puddle


2 thoughts on “Out and about

  1. Oh we love heavens gate, though not the mud so much! loved the cakes in your last post too – beautiful – I’m itching to try one of those tins 🙂 x

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