Good pud

I’ve moved away from cupcakes at the moment and have started to think more about dinners and puddings. So today I made a chicken roast dinner, but made the stuffing from my Mum’s recipe, and I spent a bit of time making the gravy properly too. It’s so easy to pick up a packet, but I thought with a bit of practice this could be just as easy too. For pudding I thought I’d have a go at an egg custard tart. I had a bit of pastry trouble. I placed it over the tin, but as I baked it, it shrank back into the tin. So no lovely straight edges. It also creased alot, so some bits were thicker than others. Tricky stuff that pastry! Anyway, I filled it, baked it, chilled it, and we ate it! YUM.Custard tart 2Custard tart 3Custard tart 4Custard tart


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