Jubilee weekend

Crowning bear 2Crowning bearThe Jubilee weekend was lovely. It had its ups and downs, but for the most part we had a great time despite the typical British weather. I made the boys and my niece a crown each. They had a street party at school and they all wore them for that.

The rest of the weekend was filled with baking, whilst checking the tv to see what the Queen was up to. I love anything to do with the Royal family, so I was in my element. I made a huge meringue which I covered with cream and raspberries for desert. I wanted to try something new, but to be honest I like the little shop bought ones better. So then I went back to what I do best, and that’s cupcakes. I covered them in little Union Jacks, but my red food gel let me down again, so I ended up with pale pink and blue ones. Still looked good though. My last baking effort went really well. It was a chocolate, almond and date torte. Absolutely delicious, and tasted even better the next day. I will definitely be doing that one again.

On Monday went to Bradford on Avon where they had a boot sale and lots of rides for the children. Then in the afternoon we went to a very funny bbq hosted by my Mum and Dad, in which my Dad melted cooking utensils on a converted gas to charcoal bbq. We did all managed to get something to eat, so that’s the main thing.

It rained again on Tuesday so we headed off to the swimming pool. The boys love it, and the bonus is that it really tires them out so you know you’ll get a bit of peace and quiet afterwards……….for a little while anyway.Jubliee cupcakes 2Jubliee cupcakesMeringuechocolate almond and date torte 2Chocolate almond and date torte


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