The Olympic torch is here!

The Olympic torch passed through our home town today. The boys were allowed to finish school early to watch the special event. We set up camp at a friend’s house, which is conveniently on the route. I baked some chocolate covered flapjacks, lemon fingers and some sausage rolls to take with us. (Very British). My friend had been busy baking too, so we had lots of lovely treats to eat whilst sipping tea standing in the front garden. The sun had put in an appearance which put everyone in a party mood. Between us we had seven little boys, we sat them on the garden wall where they watched the Olympic busses, cars, and then finally the torch go by. It was lovely some of them had their faces painted and they were waving little flags. There was a good buzz in the crowd, and all in all it was a really great day. It will probably never happen again in my lifetime, but we can say “We were there“.

Olympic FinlayOlympic ReeceOlympic AlexOlympic torchLemon fingers flapjacks 2
Olympic tea


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