My little cherubs

Cheeky boysYesterday was Alex’s Baptism. We all got dressed up, invited our family and friends and headed to the church. It was quite a funny service, there were three children being Baptised including Alex. The Priest kept forgetting, or muddling up their names, and the other children guests (and Reece) would not sit still. Alex didn’t think much of having another hair wash, but he enjoyed all of the attention. We had a lovely little party afterwards. Ryan made all the buffet, and I was in my element with the cake production. I’ve been planning it all for weeks, although most of my plans didn’t work out. The cupcakes were going to spell out his name, but I hadn’t noticed that my new piping bag didn’t have a writing nozzle with it. I had also bought some gel to colour the icing. I was going to go for a purple, but they didn’t work at all and I ended up with soft pink instead. So my idea of a perfectly uniform batch of cupcakes turned into a complete mismatch of designs.Baptism cake

The fruit cake also managed to go wrong. I’d run out of sherry whilst making it and had to load it up with brandy instead, as I was mixing it up there was a knock at the door. It was the delivery man with my dress for the Baptism, but judging by the look on his face as the brandy smell exploded through the door he thought I was a woman with a serious drink problem. And I’m sure that if I’d tried to explain it I would have looked even more guilty. Anyway, I was going to pipe Alex’s name on top with a little swirly design, but instead I ended up just covering it with blue stars. Baptism cupcakesPink cupcakes
Even though all these things went wrong, the cakes all tasted and looked great. I had loads of compliments, and no one would believe that while I was making them I was cursing and promising never to make a cake again. It gave me a huge confidence boost and I can’t wait to go through the recipe book.

Cupcake standCool kid cupcake




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