A rainy day

Crochet buntingCrochet bunting 2crochet jar coverSo, its raining again. I’ve decided that I’m really not keen on April showers, I hate being cold and wet, and it makes my hair crazy. The boys are fed up too because they can’t go out and play, and I get fed up because they can’t go out and play. The only good thing about not going out is that it gives me some time to do a bit of crochet. I also gave Ryan a DIY project to occupy him and give me a bit of quiet time, but then he went missing in the attic for the rest of the day. He was only meant to be connecting the tv to the aerial, I have no idea why it took so long! Well anyway, I’ve only been crocheting for about a year, and I’ve started to crochet a bolero, but I’m completely stuck and I’m thinking that maybe it was a bit too adventurous for me. So while I ponder on it I’ve started a couple of other little projects. The first is a little jar cover which I saw on Lululoves. I’ve only done one, but I’ll definitely do more as I think they’ll look lovely on a summer’s evening in the garden (fingers crossed). The other thing I tried was some bunting thanks to Pinkmilk. It was really simple to do, and it looks lovely. The only problem I might have with this one, is knowing when to stop.


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