Pretty little cupcakes

I finally ordered a proper piping bag and it arrived just in time for me to decorate these very moorish lime and pistachio cup cakes. It was a good thing too as the cakes themselves were a little untidy. I put too much mixture into each case, and they all spilled over the sides, so I had to do a bit of trimming. The icing covered it over brilliantly, and the little flowers are so pretty, I just need to buy a few more next time.

I also made some coconut cupcakes covered in chocolate a few days ago. They were really good, and seeing as all my boys have a thing about chocolate, the didn’t last long. The funny thing was that I’d left them in neat rows on the table to cool before I covered them in chocolate, and went off to put another load of washing on. When I came back into the kitchen there was an empty space in my neat rows. I got a little closer and then I could see the top of Alex’s head on the other side of the table along with a big ‘Mmmmmm’ I continued round the table where I found crumbs all over the floor, I went a little further to find a little Alex very pleased with himself tucking into a cake! Very naughty, but so funny.

Lime and pistachioLime and pistachioLime and pistachioLime and pistachioLime and pistachioChocolate coconut cupcakes


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