Welly walk

Welly walkThere’s nothing like a good welly walk from time to time. We love wrapping up warm, putting our welly’s in the boot of the car, and driving off to find a wood to go rambling in. Or as we tell the boys, ‘We’re going on a bear hunt…….’ or prehaps we’re ‘going to have tea with a Gruffalo’. They love it, boys and mud have always gone hand in dirty hand. We usually put Alex in the backpack, although we end up with sore backs if we’re go too far. The last time we went, we let him stretch his little legs. He thought it was brilliant, so much freedom. Picking up leaves and sticks, standing in muddy puddles, its great for toddlers but still worth taking the backpack just in case. Fin and Reece always manage to find sticks that look like guns or lightsabers, and the sound effects can be heard for miles. It’s no wonder we never get to see any wildlife, they always know well in advance that the Mortimer’s are on their way. Finlay also has his eyes peeled for any kind of track that might be a good ramp for his bike or scooter. The other good thing about a welly walk, is that when we get home I don’t feel too guilty about indulging in my other favorite thing………tea and cakes.


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