In the Mortimer garden

Reece and AlexOur garden is the reason we bought our house. Its lovely, a big open space for our boys to explore and play in. But having three boys means it can be difficult to keep on top of all the gardening that needs to be done. They always want to help, but mostly you find they’ve just dug a big hole in the middle of the lawn. Their reason for this is that there may be pirate gold buried there. (Of course, silly me!) But this year, now that Alex is a little bigger we can turn our attention once again to the garden. Ryan’s big idea is to remove our failing veggie plot and replace it with a lovely sunny patio, with big pots to grow strawberries and potatoes. Along with hanging baskets for the cherry tomatoes. We think this might be easier to look after. Anyway, Ryan wants to hire a mini digger to get started. I’m not so sure about this, but boys and their toys.

I spent the afternoon with Reece and Alex in the garden today. A little bit of sunshine, Reece blowing bubbles for Alex to catch. Drinking tea and sharing chocolate muffins. It was a relaxing couple of hours.Budda


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