Under the weather

Hot honey and lemon drinkWe’ve all been under the weather, but now its my turn. I’ve been loosing days where I’ve been asleep for so long, its horrible. Not exactly what I had in mind for the Easter holidays. The only helpful thing I have found is that people start telling you little remedies, and things you should try to help with this and that. So far I’ve learned that a little bit of ‘Vicks’ on the bottom of you foot if you find you’re coughing at night, will put a stop to it. I have no idea why, but its true. Alex has had conjunctivitis, and I was told to get a Camomile tea bag soaked in a little water, and dip in a bit of clean cotton wool to wipe the eye. I was told to do it whenever the eye looked sticky (so regularly). But after a couple of days it worked. The last remedy is quite common but has enabled me to feel like writing this post instead of sleeping. Hot honey and lemon drink. Very simple but effective, for a little while at least.


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